Benefits of Flowers to your Health and to your Home

Benefits of Flowers to your Health and to your Home

The best and easiest way to bring in the benefits of flowers is to simply place them in your home. Placing flowers by your bedside, so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up and start your morning reported to result a better outlook throughout the day.

We have collated benefits of how a simple act of adding fresh flowers to your home could promote your family’s health and well-being.

1. Flowers reduce stress and boost your Mood


In this fast pace world, stress is one of the negative common denominators for everyone. It affects our mood and even the way we deal with people. However, Studies showed that the sweet fragrance of flowers relaxes the stressed nerves, lowers heart rate, and rejuvenates our mood, all of which helps in keeping the body and mind in a state of balance.

2. Flowers are therapeutic and support recovery process


There’s a reason why we give flowers as gift when we go to hospitals. Flowers provide physical and psychological healing. An improved mood often leads to improved health. People who are in a good mood are more likely to bounce back from an injury or illness faster.

3. Flowers purify the air


Flowers play an important role in detoxifying the air we breathe. Indoor flowers absorb the toxic gases released into the environment by some of the products we use in our homes. Breathing clean air leads to a fewer incidence of congestion of the nasal passages, and coughs, thus, we are less likely to suffer from infections of the respiratory system.

4. A Surprise Bouquet blooms a Smile


“Flowers are a perfect solution to communicate emotions where it’s hard to find the right words.” Giving and receiving flowers is another great way to improve the emotional health of both giver and recipient. Imagine turning around someone’s day through one, simple gesture. To know that they are loved and supported, can mean so much that the positive impact of receiving a bouquet can be enough to lift them out of a difficult place or low point.

Stephano Gabanna, the co-founder of Dolce and Gabbana, once said, “To me, flowers are happiness.”

Indeed, fresh flowers not only bring about aesthetic appeal to your home but also increase your mental, physical and psychological well-being. Health is a good enough reason to make every day an occasion for flowers, so next time you think about improving the ambiance and mood of your home, try to get a bunch or two of your favorite blooms.